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2008 New Zealand Superbike Road Race Championships:


Round Five - Pukekohe Raceway  - March 8-9th 2008




Round Four - Manfeild Raceway, Feilding - 23-24th February 2008


Dave      8th   1:08.838

Neil       10th     1:10.493

El Cohete      9th     1:23.653  (Clubmans Class)

Race 1

Dave      DNF   1:09.601

Neil       9th    1:09.986

El Cohete      9th     1:23.653

Race 2

Dave      9th   1:09.226

Neil       DNF   1:09.235

El Cohete      9th     1:22.212

Race 3 (Clubmans Class)

El Cohete      6th     1:22.762

Paeroa Battle of the Streets 17th February 2008


Dave      3rd   

Neil       6th    

Pinky      ??  

Race 1 (Formula Paeroa)

Dave      DNF   50.552

Neil       DNF   48.659

Race 1 (Formula 2)

Pinky          13th     53.646

Race 2 (King of the Streets)

Dave      4th   46.800

Neil       6th   48.181

Race 2 (Formula 2)

Pinky            14th     52.545

Race 3 (Formula Paeroa)

Dave      5th   46.533

Neil       7th   47.975

Round 3 2008 NZ Superbike Road Race Championship - Teretonga Park Raceway Invercargill - January 27-28 2008



Dave      10th   1:00.545

Neil       13th     1:02.033


Race 1 

Dave      8th   1:00.467

Neil       12th    1:01.508


Race 2

Dave      8th   1:00.386

Neil       13th   1:01.397




Round 2 2008 NZ Superbike Road Race Championship - Levels Raceway Timaru - January 19-20 2008


Dave      14th   1.09.749

Neil       16th     1.11.072


Race 1 

Dave      15th   1:08.747

Neil       16th    1:09.885


Race 2

Dave      13th   1:08.678

Neil       15th   1:09.856

2008 New Zealand Superbike Road Race Championships

Round 1 2008 NZ Superbike Road Race Championship - Ruapuna Raceway Christchurch - January 12-13 2008

Ruapuna Park Raceway - 3.44km Circuit (Anti-clockwise)



Dave      10th   1.36.12

Neil       DNS


Race 1

Dave      DNF   1.35.69

Neil       DNS


Race 2 

Dave      11th   1.37.14

Neil       DNS


Boxing Day 2007

Wanganui Cemetery Circuit 2007 - Race Report

Boxing day morning started with a torrential downpour flooding all the pits, only lasting a few minutes but threatening to come back again which it did during the practice & qualifying sessions. It meant a fair bit of wheel changing going from slicks to wets a couple of times & back again till drying out for the afternoon races (thanks team nice slick wheel changing)

It became apparent to us that the weather was not the only challenge we were going to face that day, apart from the other competitors & the demanding track, the officials made a controversial rule change for the qualifying in the formula Wanganui class. In short the officials for the reasons of “ safety” after qualifying had been completed & grid positions given out  scrapped our official qualifying & used everyone’s practice times saying they had “merged the 2 sessions” which is not correct - it resulted in a complete grid reshuffle at a track where a good grid position is so important. Some riders were 2 rows further down the grid than where they had qualified & others who didn’t qualify well or not even at all were put at the front, even thou it was stated on our riders briefing sheet that “Practice is just that practice, use it to learn the track. The second session will be for qualifying”. Also the question was asked to the officials at riders briefing that morning if I don’t qualify where do I start, it was strongly replied that “if you don’t qualify you start at the rear of the grid”. This change was only brought to the attention of the majority of the field as we lined up at the dummy grid giving us no time to get an explanation from the officials we had to accept it as we were going out to race. After this race a group of riders including us went to the officials asking for an explanation only to be passed from 1 person to another getting no where but a shrug of shoulders and a promise of a meeting when the riders rep was available - this never happened. This affected the results for many riders including us.

There is nothing we can do now to change the events & results of the day but we will be talking to MNZ to try & get an explanation & an assurance that this situation for what ever reason does not happen again in the future as for all privateer teams results/prize money & exposure for our dedicated sponsors is so important.

On a lighter note Wanganui Cemetery circuit is still a great event with a fantastic history, we thank all the people who give up their time for this event to be run.




Results for the day

 Formula Wanganui practice  F1/F2 – damp

(These times were used for the grid positions)


Dave    10th   58.366

Neil     13th   59.380

Jason   34th   106.727 (1st timer riding GSXR 750)


Formula Wanganui Qualifying  F1/F2 – wet


Dave    6th     101.960

Neil     8th      102.543

Jason   30th    120.076 


Formula Wanganui  Race 1 – Dry  8 laps


Dave      9th        best time   53.338

Neil      14th        -------       54.301

Jason    35th        -------      101.084


Formula Wanganui  Race 2 – Dry  8 laps


Dave     9th         best time   51.732

Neil      11th        ---------     52.977

Jason    35th         --------    101.952


Robert Holden  Race 1  - Dry  10 laps


Dave     9th      best time     52.554

Neil      12th     --------        52.981


Robert Holden  Race 2 –  Dry  10 laps


Dave    9th       best time    52.634

Neil     11th      ------          52.600


Robert Holden  Feature Race  - Dry  15 laps


Dave    7th      best time     51.704

Neil     10th       ---------       52.963


Thanks to our crew & families for coming to support us at this time of year

Thanks also to our sponsors Anarchy accessories, Documentary Channel 74, B3 Sliders, Metzeler, Maxima oil, FFM Helmets, ugly fish eyewear, Aran from MSV

               MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR






AMCC Protecta Insurance Club Championship 2007/8

Round 2

Sunday 9th December 2007

Pukekohe  Circuit


4 Wins in 2 Classes!!


Doc and Dave in Superbikes class joined with Pinky competing in Clubmans on a damp day at the Pukekohe Circuit.

Jason was unable to compete on his Harris due to it hemorrhaging in practice on Saturday, causing a spectacular highside into turn one from which he was very lucky to walk away with just a shoulder and pinky injury and a bit of a chink in the pride.

Unfortunately the previously mint Harris was not recovering very well, in a terminal condition on display at the Team Hard On Racing Pit for the race meeting


Qualifying Superbikes


Wet conditions in qualifying resulted in slow lap times. The lads stepped up to the plate and qualified 3 seconds faster than the rest of the field.


Dave      Pole position   1.03.54

Neil       2nd                     1.03.68


Qualifying Clubman’s


Phil not wanting to be outdone by the Superbike crew, also qualified 3 seconds faster than his closest rival. He also beat his qualifying time from the 1st round even in the damp, overcast conditions.


Phil       Pole position      1.09.44


Race 1 Superbikes 8 laps


With the weather overcast but the track drying, Doc and Dave gridded up on Metzeler Slick tyres.

A holeshot from Doc had him leading the race till the back straight where he was taken by his teammate Dave, who pulled out a strong lead to the end. Doc was taken under brakes at the hairpin on the second lap and was unable to regain his position due to lack of strength from a tummy bug, finishing in 3rd


Dave    1st     best time  59.58

Neil      3rd     best time  1.01.30


Race 1 Clubman’s 5 laps


The meeting had just been declared wet so Phil put his Continental Road Attacks on in the hopes of dispersing some of the water that was now covering the circuit.

 A formidable start from pole position put him in second place for the first few laps. Phil then passed the lead rider under brakes on the 3rd lap at the hairpin to lead the race till the finish line.

Another victory from Team Hard On Racing!


Phil     1st     best time   1.18.67


Race 2 Superbikes 7 laps


Showery wet conditions had the Team Hard On Racing Superbike Crew changed to Metzeler Wets for the second race.

Yet another holeshot from Doc had him leading the wet race, pulling away from the pack. Dave was not so lucky, wheel spinning off the line he had to work hard to fight back from mid pack, regaining second position on the 3rd lap. He then had to put his head down to catch Doc, who by then had a substantial lead.

 Dave made a last effort dash for the lead going up the inside of Doc coming over the hill, the team mates going elbow to elbow at around 200km/hr in the wet but with Doc having the better line he got the drive & regained his lead to beat Dave by 0.16s at the line! A nerve racking race for the team watching but great for the crowd.


Neil     1st     best time   1.05.29  

Dave   2nd    best time   1.04.28


Photo courtesy of www.bikestore.co.nz


Race 2 Clubman’s 5 laps

 More showers had the meeting shortened, with the Clubmans and Pre 89’s combining for the final race. The wet conditions seamed to suit Phil, settling into 1st Clubmans position after a great start he went on to win the Race yet again. 2 from 2 for the up and coming Champ!


Phil     1st     best time    1.16.45


Points for the round



Dave 1st         45 points

Neil   2nd         41 points



Phil   1st         50 points


Overall Points after the Second Round


 Neil     1st       83 points

Dave   2nd      81 points



 Phil   1st         125 points

Jason            34 points


An excellent meeting for the team on & off the track yet again with Jason helping out with Flag Marshalling for the day and getting some excellent footage of the bikes screaming into the Hairpin and the race team out showing us how its done in the damp slippery conditions


Once again a big  thanks to all our crew for their help & time in these very changeable & trying conditions also a big ups for our sponsors B3 sliders, Anarchy Accessories,Metzeler tyres,Maxima oils for keeping us at the front & 1-2 in the points for the  Superbikes & 1st in the clubman’s  for the AMCC series.


The next round for this series is not till Sunday 5th April 2008 at Pukekohe, after the NZ Superbike Series & Street Series. Our next race meeting for the team is at the Wanganui Cemetery Circuit on Boxing Day, we will have lots of new products to look at, Team Hard on Racing T shirts & Caps for sale. Doc & Dave will be there & hopefully Jason will be back on a GSXR750 the team is currently working hard to prepare as the Harris needs lots of attention & won’t be ready in time so come & support us, hope to see you there.



Team Hard On Racing





AMCC Protecta Insurance Club Championship 2007/2008

Sunday 18th November 2007

Pukekohe Circuit 

Awesome results for the team with 4 riders in 2 classes


Neil (Doc) the defending champ & Dave in the superbikes joined with Phil (ex Pinky) riding a standard GSXR1000k6 & Jason riding a mint Harris GSX1216, both competing for the first time in clubman’s

Pukekohe put on a clear sunny day for us all attracting a good field of riders for all classes including some top names in the superbike class with their 07/08 spec bikes

The track was dry but there was plenty of rubber left on the corners from the skid cars who were there the day before


Qualifying Superbikes


Dave had a fairly clear run to qualify 2nd with Neil not realizing that the practice & qualifying was combined didn’t push too hard, but still came in 5th


Dave      2nd               59.68

Neil      5th                102.53


Qualifying Clubman’s


With some setup adjustment & racing lines advice  from the team both Phil & Jason started to come to grips with the Pukekohe track with Phil getting his first pole position, which is a great result for a first timer at the fast Puke circuit


Phil       Pole position      1.09.77

Jason     9TH ???             1.16???



Race 1 Superbikes 8 laps


A strong start from both riders had them in the leading group on lap 1 with Neil in 4th behind Andrew Stroud (GSXR1000k7) and Dave in 2nd passing Sam Smith(R1 07) for the lead on lap 2 only to run wide at Castrol running onto the ripple strip on the edge of the track unable to turn running on to the dirt to drop the bike at slowish speed, once again the B3 sliders saved the bike from any major damage. Picking up the bike Dave got back on the track in last place putting his head down he carved though the field setting his best time of the day to get up to a group of riders battling for 8th but running out of laps finishing 12th.Meanwile Neil had an unchallenged incident free race finishing on the podium in 3rd


Neil      3rd     best time  1.01.78

Dave    12th   best time  58.86



Race 1 Clubman’s 6 laps


An average start from Phil on pole had him down mid pack for the first few laps  while Jason was working his way though the field of mixed bikes. Phil was soon back up with the lead group to break away with the second placed rider passing him down the front straight to take his first win. Well done to both guys improving their lap times by 6 seconds a lap


Phil     1st     best time   1.08.12

Jason  5th  best time   1.11.99

  Pinky taking his 1st win


Race 2 Superbikes 6 laps


A flying start for the lads had Dave leading, Neil in 3rd behind Stroud for the first 4 laps till Smith passed Neil putting him in 4th for the race. Dave & Stroud were also caught up by Smith all three dicing for a couple of laps with Dave finishing in 3rd.


Dave     3rd   best time   59.30

Neil     4th    best time   1.01.23  



Race 2 Clubman’s 6 laps


A better start for the guys only to have the race red flagged after an incident at Castrol. A shortened race had Phil take his second win of the day while Jason got his 1st podium finish


Phil     1st     best time    1.07.60

Jason  3rd    best time    1.10.95



Race 3 Superbikes 6 laps


An average start for the lads this time had Dave 3rd with Neil behind him, with their tyres past their best & the guys in front on fresh rubber - that’s how it stayed for the race


Dave    3rd    best time 59.58

Neil    4th     best time 1.01.68



Race 3 Clubman’s 6 laps


A good start from Phil had him up to  3rd then take the lead to take a hat trick of wins for the day while Jason got boxed in at the start had  to work his way past the back group finishing mid pack


Phil   1st     best time  1.08.75

Jason 4th  best time 1.10.66



Points for the round




Neil   3rd           42 points

Dave                36  points




Phil   1st          75 points

Jason              34 points


All in all a good day at the office for the team on & off the track with the pit set up improving  at every round & lots of interest in the Anarchy Accessories & Hard On Racing T Shirts with more products on the way for the next round, and of course  the BBQ at lunch time


Once again thanks to all our team members for their help & our sponsors B3 sliders, Anarchy Accessories,Metzeler tyres,Maxima oils


Next round is on Sunday 9th December at Pukekohe hope to see you there


The Team Hard On Racing


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Actrix Victoria MCC Round 6  Taupo GP  Track  3.320km

 Saturday   13th October

Race Results here -  F1 Superbike - TSS Motorcycles section

 Final Standings here

Superbike Qualify                                   

                         #10  Dave                 5th                    1.37.226

                         #77  Neil                  11th                    1.39.878

 Doc having issues with brakes or lack of (‘they only slow you down’)

Superbike Race 1       5 Laps          

A good start from both team bikes saw them both finish in top five


                        #10  Dave                3rd                best time           1:34.320

                        #77  Neil                  5th                 best time           1:36.310


Superbike Race 2     5 laps       


                      #10  Dave                   3rd                    best time           1:34.267

                       #77  Neil                   5th                      best time           1:36.382


Points for the round

                        #10  Dave    40  points  

                         #77  Neil      32  points        


Series total after 6th and final round:

                         #77  Neil      1st place        205  points

                        #10  Dave   5th place        167  points

 Final Standings here


Doc holds out the Championship Lead with consistent top five placings throughout the series.

Dave places a formidable 5th after missing the 1st Manfield round and a couple of DNFs in round 5


Team Hard On Racing would like to extend their appreciation and thanks to the following people for their help and support throughout the Actrix VMCC Championship Series:

A BIG thanks to the crew, Aran, Bernie, Dean and Dave Elgar for their hard work and Danny & Johnny for the late nights spent building the trailer, Bungy for sorting  the stoppers, you were there when we needed you the most.

To Phil (formerly Pinky) at B3 Crash Bungs for helping with the supply of Sliders for crash testing and Jason at www.AnarchyAccessories.co.nz for the MotoGP tyre warmers, Rearsets and Blades. For awesome deals on all sorts of trick gear get hold of them via their web sites...

Adam and the lads at Henderson Motorcycles for the Dyno time and your help, thanks to Andrew from Forbes & Davies for helping us with  the Metzeler Tyres &  MAXIMA oils

 Also to our friends and family who came down to support us and enjoy the bbq at lunchtime J

Let us not forget the organizers, Victoria Motorcycle Club for putting on such a smooth running event, and the Marshals, who exposed themselves to the elements for the 6 rounds of the series, thank you for your hours of dedication to motorcycling, I hope we put on a great show for you…

Next Meeting is the Auckland Motorcycle Club Championship Round 1 at Pukekohe on 18th November, where Doc will be defending his AMCC Title and Dave will be showing him how it’s done…

Hope to see you all there


 Dave, Doc and the Crew


Team Hard On Racing






 Actrix Victoria MCC Round 5

Manfield  - short track  3.03km

 Saturday   22nd September

 Race Results on this page - F1 Superbike - TSS Motorcycles section

Championship Standings here

Superbike Qualify                                  clear & dry  air temp  15 track temp 11.3  humidity 71%


                         #10  Dave                 3rd                    1.10.209

                         #77  Neil                  7th                    1.12.271


Superbike Race 1       25min race           clear & dry  air temp 20.2   track temp 12  humidity  49%


            After a good start from Neil from the second row it ended quickly due to a first corner incident which left him in the gravel trap.

            Dave was up into 3rd   moving into 2nd by lap 10 only to low side at Higgins on lap 12 finishing his race

            A disappointing race for the team


                        #10  Dave                DNF                best time           109.878  

                        #77  Neil                  DNF                   ----                 ----


Sunday  23rd September                 


Superbike Race 2     10 laps          overcast & dry     air temp  21.7    track temp   humidity 44%


            This time Dave had the bad luck from a first turn incident leaving him in the tyre wall

            Meanwhile Neil made it around the 1st turn finally and managed to complete a race


                        #77  Neil                  4th                    best time           1.11.814

                        #10  Dave                DNF                  ----                  ----



Superbike Race 3    15 laps            clear & dry       air temp 19.9  track temp      humidity 62%


            Both bikes getting though the first corner this time saw Dave in 3rd holding onto this for the race & Neil  in 5th for the first lap dropping to 6th for the remainder.


                       #10  Dave                3rd                    best time           1.10.359

                        #77  Neil                  6th                    best time           1.12.305


Points for the round


                        #77  Neil      33  points        

                        #10  Dave    20  points  


Series total after 5th round:


                        #77  Neil     holding   1st place        173  points

                        #10  Dave   dropping 2 places        127  points

  A BIG thanks to the crew, Aran, Bernie and Dean for their hard work and Danny for bringing the spares down from Ak on Sat night.

Also to B3 Crash Bungs for doing their job and Jason at www.AnarchyAccessories.co.nz for the help and the spare bits.

Come down & support the Team at the  Final Round in a couple of weeks:

Actrix Victoria MCC Round 6

Taupo    full track

Saturday 13th October



Join us for a BBQ at lunchtime


 Dave, Neil and the Crew


Team Hard On Racing







Actrix Victoria MCC Round 4

Manfield 18th August 2007

Race Results on this page - F1 Superbike - TSS Motorcycles section

Championship Standings here

Race report:

Manfield Long Circuit (4.51km)

Friday 17th: Open Test Day

Weather Conditions: Wet and windy


Had limited track time on a wet full circuit as it was only opened up for afternoon session.

The only fatality was the sacrifical Duck which zigged instead of zagged on the exit from the hairpin of the new circuit and was turned into a pile of feathers... (sorry duck)


Saturday 18th August 2007

Race day:


Qualifying was interrupted by a red flag and both Dave and Neil  were unable to get in any clear laps in. Neil qualified on the front row of the grid. Dave didn't.


The race results were better and are as follows:


Neil  #77     race 1- 5th    race 2- 2nd


Dave  #10    race 1-4th    race 2- 3rd 


Impressive overall result from Dave considering he started from the 6th row on the grid. 


This means that Neil retains his lead in the championship and Dave moves up from 8th to 4th overall. 


Technical support from Bernie has added more depth to our setup knowledge.


Trialed on bike camera which gave us some valuable information on track and bike attitude for later viewing and assessment. Need to strengthen wireless signal next time for better quality recording.


Overall Team performance progress reflects the time, effort and support recieved since last meetings.


A special thanks goes out to Technicians Bernie and Aran, Mobile Spotting and Photographic Unit Johnny and Wiggles, Marshland and Underwater Explorer Pinky.


Next time out in September is a two day meeting. The weather should be getting better along with the temperature meaning we should be able to use more of what the bikes have to offer. One of the issues the team is facing at the moment is our tyre allocation at each meeting. We are having to be quite tight on the budget as we haven't had any commitment to support us in the National Championship. The team is continuing to work with what we have but this is hindering progress. Some of our competitors have new tyres every time they go out on the track yet through consistent performances we are still ahead overall.


I look forward to talking to anyone to find a way for us to help each other.





Team Hard On Racing



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